Our Services

With over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. Annette Manz, President of VisionWise Marketing & Events consults clients on strategic ways to reach their audience through event sponsorships. At VisionWise Marketing & Events we provide businesses the ability to reach a target audience in a cost effective way. With over 40 annual events, VisionWise Marketing & Events can match your business, regardless of industry, with an event that meets your specific market. Our unique focus often relates to event marketing strategies. Events allow businesses to reach a large audience at one time and offer many different marketing elements all packaged in one campaign.


As a professional sales consultant Annette Manz focuses on partnership development. Partnership development consists of fostering long term relationships with clients, event sponsors and partners. Over the years VisionWise Marketing & Events has developed a broad foundation of trusted partners. Our clients respect and trust that VisionWise Marketing & Events will only recommend event sponsorships that are in line with their marketing objectives. "It makes no sense to sell something to someone that they don't need! Educated and successful event placement creates repeat business. Repeat business creates success for everyone."

  • Event Consulting
    VisionWise Marketing & Events works closely with organizers to develop all event elements needed to meet the goals and objectives of the event.
  • Sponsorship Consulting
    VisionWise Marketing & Events has many years of experience developing sponsorship opportunities that businesses are looking for. The ability to offer a combination of event exposure and marketing reach that ties to the sponsors overall marketing objectives is key.
  • Marketing Consulting
    VisionWise Marketing & Events evaluates a client's current business practices and advises on new and creative ways to enhance and reach the goals of their business.

Sponsorship Services

If you already have, are creating or looking to increase the revenue of an event, then sponsorship development is key. VisionWise Marketing & Events will match corporate sponsors to events that allow them to reach their target market. Event sponsorship provides sponsors the ability to reach a targeted market in an affordable way. Event sponsorships offer a variety of marketing benefits that would be otherwise cost prohibitive for an individual organization. Benefits include social media, radio and television, print, digital marketing and much more.

  • Sponsorship Development
    VisionWise Marketing & Events has been developing unique and effective sponsor opportunities for many years which has resulted in long term relationships with many local, regional and national businesses looking to reach specific target audiences. Matching the needs of a sponsor to specific event opportunities is key to the success of the event and the sponsors marketing objectives.
  • Sponsorship Fulfillment
    VisionWise Marketing & Events knows the importance of attention to detail. There is nothing more important than delivering a sponsor the services promised while also balancing the often limited resource of the event organizer.
  • Sponsorship Reporting
    A full report of sponsors, sponsor packages and sponsor revenue will be provided to the event organizers during and after the event.

Event Services

Logistics! Oh my! The many details involved with a successful event are endless. Date, location, permits, infrastructure, budget, event marketing, sponsor development... There are so many details to planning a successful event. Using an experienced event organizer will relieve your stress and risk while increasing your experience and your bottom line. VisionWise Marketing & Events work with you to develop the perfect event that fits within your budget and hopefully exceeds your expectations!

  • Event Logistics and Implementation
    VisionWise Marketing & Events works to make your event run smoothly by working with all elements of the event and streamlining the logistics and implementation to maximize success and minimize expenses.
  • Event Reporting
    VisionWise Marketing & Events provides reports at the end of each event showing the overall results of the event.
  • Volunteers
    VisionWise Marketing & Events has access to a volunteer base which is often needed to run a smooth and successful event.

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